Usage of Guest Posts for Backlinks and Blog Promotion

Guest posts are a great SEO and marketing tool ‐ if used correctly, of course. After the demise of article directories and changes in the search ranking algorithms that made many other ways of getting backlinks obsolete, guest posting on reputable sites remains one of the best ways to make your site visible to the world

Guest posting is when someone other than the blog owner or publisher writes on a blog. They are a guest writer.

Benefits of Guest Posting

There are many benefits to guest blogging, like backlinking from the guest post to your blog. Google loves backlinks. The more backlinks you have at great ranking sites the better your blog will rank in Google’s searches. Remember, the goal in blogging is to get people to your blog, one way to accomplish this is to rank well in Google’s search results.

Another benefit of guest posting is that you get new readers. Most of the time you will be allowed to place a link in the content of your guest post and/or in an author byline at the bottom of your post, this will bring you new readers.

One of the best benefits of guest posting is the relationship you forge between you and the host. You have given a free article with great content to benefit the host blog. And in turn that host has exposed you to new readers. You both have benefitted in the exchange. And more than likely will want to work together in the future.

Why Guest Posting Is Different from Article Marketing

One of the reasons why some people are skeptical to the power of guest posts is that they believe this is just the good old article marketing. While there are some similarities between the two, guest posting is very different from article marketing. When you are guest posting, you are submitting to blogs in a niche, while when you submit to article directories that generally cover all topics, the links and traffic you get are less relevant.

With guest posts, you can’t submit hundreds of posts a month simply because there aren’t that many good blogs where you could submit content, so article spamming is harder to do with guest posting, if you are doing it right.

With article directories you can have automated submissions that blast your article with dozens of directories at once but with guest posting this doesn’t happen

How to Find Suitable Blogs to Guest Post on

1. The first place to start looking is at blogs you already frequent. These blogs are most likely within your niche and you most likely have already started to comment there. If you have not started to comment, start today. You should show an interest in the future host of your guest post.


2. You can also start to find blogs in the same or complimentary subject matter as yours. Like above start to comment and begin a relationship with the blogger. This way when you apply to write for him or her you will not be a stranger.

3. When you feel you have gained enough knowledge of the blog and can contribute fresh content, email the blogger and/or apply to be a contributor.

4. When you are in be sure to follow the guidelines the host has set and check your grammar.

5. Don’t forget to reply to comments and share your new awesome content on social media. Also, always write up a simple post on your own blog notifying your readers where you are posting that day.


Guest posting is a very powerful tool, so if you haven’t used it so far to promote your blog and to get backlinks, consider giving it a try. And remember, as with many things in life, it is quality, not quantity that matters, so don’t aim to publish dozens of guest posts a month on crappy blogs. Focus on high quality blogs and only then you will see good results.